Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Why we had a glorious unusual
month of September.
The sun was generous so much so
that we went swimming
in lakes that are usually frozen.
My heart was frozen while
my body was burning.
The eyes that kept looking at me
did not reach my heart. 
Why those deep blue eyes
do not look at me anymore.
What have I done to  deserve
those looks that defy daggers
in piercing my fragile heart.
No answers reach my ears,
so I will presume that you found
another heart to love and
keep alive with a burning fire.
Do not worry I will not stop your
hasty run from me, but I will not
wish you well either, since I
can't find the proper words to
tell you goodbye.....

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Enjoy life

If a flower can enjoy a sky
filled with stars
than I too can explore
the universe that engulfs me.
Stars are bright dots
visible to the believer's
eye.  Brings warmth to
my heart and joy to my

Monday, October 9, 2017


"Let a million sparkles
shine in my eyes,
while the waves gently
caress my senses
 of wander at
the adventures
you cherished.
Do not cry for me
little sparkles,
I will refrain tears
while I enjoy your
freedom dances.
Just in case you
tire of me, runaway,
but little sparkle please
come back to me.
I will sit here and
imagine myself attached
to you running from
coast to coast, until a
new dawn will salute me,
separating us  until
we meet again..."

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Unhappy mother nature

It's the 3rd of October,
no signs of fall is visible,
in a country where snow
and cold is predominant,
this year all is upside down.
Rain in abundance, cold in
summer, and record breaking
heat end of summer start of
Nature is rebelling against all
our crazy ways of killing our
planet. Who cares what's up
beyond the visible sky!
Were are our four seasons that
we know?
Oh to go back in my youth when
we all knew what was going on.....

Friday, September 29, 2017

Chase me not

Do not chase me away,
I did nothing wrong in my life.
You humans are invading my
space and destroying my home.
I'm not made to be with humans,
so leave my land alone,
I will refrain from invading
your space.
I miss the chasing, the hunting,
I hate fires and heat, but I will
attack should I feel hungry.

"For all the animals who died
in the huge summer fires both in
Canada & US".

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down all is quiet.
The breeze stops running,
the birds nestle for the night.
The fishes will go deep under
to wait for the moon to come
and keep them company.
Humans will walk on hot days,
will run of mild days,
and doze off exhaustion.
Children will try to count the clouds,
or the fireflies who try to keep the beat
with the crickets in the faraway island.
Yes sun, now you can go down to
sleep or go up in other parts of the
world, but for you it's all a routine,
since the world turns around and around,
but I'm going to join Murphy's arms,
to sleep for the night and dream of you
and the world for peace of mind....

Monday, September 25, 2017

The ballerina

"Like a ballerina entering
on stage, she took a bow
to the morning light.
The environment was not fully
ready, but like all ballerina
kept swinging gently to the
whims of the breeze.
O dear me, I'm still not ready
with my dancing, but wind,
light and nature was so incredible
that I kept on with my show.
Do not fear for me, I am resilient
and can withstand any blows that
will fall on me.  I will get back up
on continue my Ballerina show...".